Understanding A Few Things About Cosmetology Training Courses Before You Begin

If you are an experienced esthetician, then you may be ready to make a career change and invest in teaching instead of beautifying clients. If you are a leader and have been looking for a way to advance your skill set, then think about going through a teacher training course at a place like Cannella School of Hair Design. The training will provide you with the skills to teach others in a way that compliments your hair, nail, and facial knowledge. Before you begin, there are a few things that you should understand about becoming a teacher. 

You Will Need A Special Certification

When you attended beauty school, the instructors prepared you for the comprehensive licensing exam provided by the board of cosmetology in your state. You may not know this, but every state has their own cosmetology board and licensing requirements are different for each state. This may not have been a concern when you were attending beauty school, because the school specifically trained you according to the requirements. While beauty schools are quite common, this is not always the case for teacher training. If you decide to go to a reputable teacher training program out of state, then you should make sure that you know what your specific state esthetician teacher requirements are. 

For example, in the state of Pennsylvania, you must be 18 or older, have a high school or equivalent diploma, have a current cosmetology license. You also have to complete 500 hours of instruction in a designated cosmetology school. You also will need to make sure that you submit your application for the licensing exam on time and also provide the designated fee.

While some of the licensing requirements may be similar, the number of hours required during the instructional program may be more or less. Some states want you to go through 1,000 hours while another may require only 100 hours or less. Also, many states allow you to apply for a license if you received education in another state. However, you will need to specifically verify that you received the education and you will also need to take the state test in the state you will be working.

Some states will also allow you to teach cosmetology in their state if you move. In this case, licensing requirements are often a bit different. While you may not need to meet the basic requirements to receive the initial license, you will still need to take the licensing test. For example, If you received your education in Pennsylvania and then worked as a teacher for several years before deciding to move to another state. If the instruction hour requirement for the new state is higher than the old one, you most likely will not have to go back to school. As long as you satisfied your old state requirements and you pass the new licensing exam, then you can receive a new license. 

Before you begin your education, contact your state licensing board to learn about exact requirements. 

You Should Choose A Specialty

If you are a highly experienced professional, then you may want to be able to teach a variety of instructional classes on topics that range from hair coloring to nail care. However, curriculums are usually based on individual core instruction and special licenses reflect the specialties. For example, you can obtain a conditional instruction license to teach hair braiding or waxing. Licenses can be added as you continue your education, but it is best to consider a specialty before attending school. This is similar to choosing a major at a traditional college.

Consider the things that you enjoy most about being an esthetician when thinking about what you want to teach. Consider your own creativity as well. Many training courses encourage you to foster creativity in your own students, so it is best to think of where you excel at this yourself.