What Can You Do To Improve Your Skin Tone?

Uneven skin tone can occur for a number of reasons. Hormonal changes, too much exposure to the sun, and scarring are some of the most common reasons. Regardless of the reason for your uneven skin tone, there are ways you can correct it and even out your skin.  

Drink More Water

Water accounts for a large share of your body's composition, which means that your skin relies heavily on it. When you drink more water on a consistent basis, your skin will improve. Water is necessary to help with collagen production and keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin is less likely to be dull and have unevenness to it.  

Although drinking more water is good, drinking sugary and acidic drinks can have the opposite effect. Ideally, you should eliminate these beverages from your diet. However, cutting back significantly can have an impact on your skin's health.  

Use Skin Lightening Cream

Skin lightening products have received a lot of attention in recent years. Although there are some skin lightening products that are not necessarily good for your skin, there are many other products that have been approved for safe use. For added protection, you can look for creams that include vitamin C, which is good for your skin. 

Your dermatologist can help you find those creams and provide a recommendation for how often they should be used. Your dermatologist might also recommend the use of other therapies to enhance the effectiveness of the creams so that you get the best possible outcome.  

Apply Natural Masks

There are some substances that have properties that you can use to naturally even out your skin. For instance, oatmeal combined with honey can not only help with smoothing out your complexion, but it also works as an exfoliant. As a result, you are less likely to experience breakouts and blackheads.  

Milk is another substance that can be combined with oatmeal to help even out your skin tone. Talk to your dermatologist about other foods and liquids you can use to achieve the skin tone that you deserve. Lemon juice is another substance that can help balance your pH levels and improve the skin. 

You should never try a product without first conferring with your dermatologist. He or she can review the safeness of the product with you and help you develop a regimen that will not only help to improve your skin tone, but also ensure that you have the healthiest skin possible.