Two Ways To Help Relieve Your Anxiety And Stress

If you suffer from chronic anxiety, it will drain your body’s energy reserves and leave you in a constant state of stress. Both anxiety and stress can be treated by pharmaceutical drugs, but with adverse side effects. A 2010 report found those who take anti-anxiety medication have a 36 percent increased risk of dying. Here are two natural ways to help relieve your anxiety and stress without pharmaceutical drugs. Participate in Yoga

3 Types Of Dresses You Can't Do Without

Buying a new dress is always fun, and sometimes it’s nice to buy something just because it caught your eye, or just because you feel like it. However, there are a few staples that you should always have in your closet, and they need to be chosen carefully, because you’ll need to rely on them when you don’t have time to buy something new or can’t find anything else that you like.