What Should You Do With Your Bridesmaid With Short Hair?

It's traditional for all of your bridesmaids to dress the same for your wedding. But this can be a bit difficult if one of your bridesmaids has short hair, while the others all have long longs. Obviously, the girl with short hair won't be able to have the same up-do as the rest of the girls. However, that does not mean she has to stick out like a sore thumb with a completely different hairstyle! Here are a few options to make her blend in with the rest of your bridesmaids as much as possible:

Hair Extensions

One option is to have hair extensions added to the short-haired bridesmaid's hair. If she is willing, try scheduling her an appointment at the salon for a week or two before the wedding. She can have natural-looking extensions fused into her hair or woven into her hair. Which type the stylist recommends will depend on the texture and length of her natural hair. In either case, the results will be long hair that looks very natural and can be styled into the same updo that the rest of your bridesmaids wear on your wedding day.

If your bridesmaid does not want to dedicate the time or money to leave-in extensions, see if the stylist who is doing her hair on your wedding day can use clip-in extensions. These attach to the natural hair with little clips. They won't work with all up-dos but may be possible if you are willing to be flexible on the style the girls all wear.

Opt for a Mock Up-Do

Some stylists are able to sweet shorter hair to the side, curl it a little, and pin it in a way that makes it look like it's in an updo. If the updo the other girls are getting is rather simple, this might be a possibility. You can have your stylist try out the mock updo ahead of time, perhaps when you go in for your bridal hair trial run, to make sure it looks suitable.

Use the Same Accessories

If your bridesmaid has very, very short hair, the best way to help her blend in may be to just use the same accessories in all the girls' hair. Have the other bridesmaids' hair put into updos with a big flower, and use the same big flower in the short-haired girl's hair. It won't be a perfect match, but it will be close enough to look cohesive. 

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