Three Piercing Options To Consider Around Your Lips

If you've recently had your first body piercing and you like the look of it enough that you wish to consider other piercing ideas, there are lots of things to consider. You'll want to identify a part of your body that can work well for several different types of piercings, and then begin to evaluate what options are available. Your lips and the area around them are a popular body piercing spot. This is a part of your body that will always be visible when you're out and about, which can allow you to express yourself with all sorts of pieces of jewelry. Here are three lip piercing options for you to consider.

Labret Piercing 

A labret piercing is one of the most popular types of body piercing around the lips, and you can expect that any piercing shop can perform this procedure for you. This is a piercing that typically goes through the center of your bottom lip or immediately beneath it. It's an ideal choice because it allows you to wear multiple types of jewelry. For example, while studs are a popular choice in this location, some people also favor rings that cross over their bottom lip and into their mouth.

Monroe Piercing

Another option that you might consider is a Monroe piercing. The piercing location for this procedure is immediately above the left side of your lip. A lot of people enjoy this piercing because even though it's close to your lip, it won't get in the way when you're eating or drinking. It's common to wear a stud with a Monroe piercing, and you may favor a stud that is large and noticeable or something small and subtle. You'll generally want to choose something that has a plastic or soft material backing so that it doesn't make hard contact with your upper teeth.

Medusa Piercing

If you want a piercing that isn't directly on your lip but is close, one option to consider is a medusa piercing. It's positioned between your top lip and the bottom of your nose. It's common to wear stud jewelry in this location. You can opt for this piercing on its own, but some people enjoy a medusa piercing and a labret piercing because they'll be positioned in a vertical line. Learn more about these and other piercings for around your lips by scheduling an appointment at your local body piercing shop.