Faqs About Visiting A Tanning Salon For The First Time

Whether you want a deep, rich tan or a light touch of color, visiting a tanning salon is often the most approachable way to get it. Tanning beds are more consistent than the sun, and you can slowly work up to longer and longer sessions as your tolerance builds. If you are about to visit a tanning salon for the first time, you may have a few questions — including the ones below.

What do you wear to tan?

You can wear whatever you want. Tanning salons do clean the beds between customers, so if you would like to tan fully nude, you can feel free to do so. However, some people do tan in basic underwear to protect their more sensitive parts. Still, others prefer to tan in a bathing suit. 

How long do you stay in the tanning bed?

Most tanning beds come with a guide that will tell you how long to tan during your first, second, and third session — and so forth. This guide might be printed just inside the bed or on top of it. Generally, you will only want to tan for a couple of minutes your first time around. The next time, you can stay in just a little longer, and the time after that, just a little longer still. Avoid overdoing it. You won't tan faster; you'll just burn.

What are those little things they give you for your eyes?

The tanning salon will give you goggles to wear over your eyes. Some tanning salons require you to bring your own. These goggles are meant to protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes from the UV light emitted by the tanning bed. Do not go in the tanning bed without them.

Do you close the tanning bed?

Yes, once you are in the tanning bed, you pull the cover down over you. If you feel a little claustrophobic, you can leave it open just a hair. Closing it gets the upper lights closer to your skin so you get a more even tan.

Do you have to use tanning lotion?

You do not have to use tanning lotion, but doing so is beneficial. These lotions can help you tan faster, and they also help keep your skin from getting too dry when you tan.

With these questions answered, you're more ready than ever to go tanning. Contact a company such as Tan Your Hide to learn more. Good luck, and enjoy the process.